Sunday, December 13, 2009


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Dress: H&M

So I just bought this dress at H&M down at the South Coast Plaza. Was a fun little drive out of LA. I know almost everyone and their mom's have seen and at least tried on one of these fuzzy little creatures from H&M and either love it or hate it. It was 50% off, so I had to get it! And it keeps me incredibly warm. I should be shopping for summery clothes since I'll be in Asia next month, but this dress was super cheap! Perfect for the holidays... and as a gorilla costume for next Halloween! hahaahha i'm not kidding. (i'll get a better pic of the dress next time i wear it!)

And I did go to the Revolve Party this weekend, bringing my sister along. The store is amazing and really nice. I got to meet up with the other LA bloggers from the shoot( Tiffany Borland and Olivia Lopez), and the whole Revolve crew. Also, I finally got to meet up with Anna Bu, model and blogger from Germany! She is here for a few months for modeling which is so exciting. She's so down to earth and has incredible vintage style. Check out her blog! Sorry I didn't take pictures, it was raining cats and dogs so I completely forgot and was just trying to get there in one piece. People here drive horribly in the rain, I tell ya!

xoxo, Natalie


Fashion Cappuccino said...

I really love the lace top with the black pants below!! So amazing, romantic and modern! I adore the shoes too! xoxoxo

Zoë said...

You look smashing!! I thought about bying that dress too, it looks so cozy and perfect for the winter days ^^

Allegra said...

well, sounds kind of funny and that dress is awesome!

le pearl said...

Looking great hunny :D

BadRomance said...

I love the picture ;D gorgeous!

kiss me quick said...

wow best purchase ever.
cute pic ^^

xxx kissmequick

b.entrance said...

Hope you had a great time over there! I saw this dress and it looks really cool ;)

[Unspeakable Thoughts Unspoken]* said...

glad u had fun anyway!!


Studded Hearts said...

I still want some fuzzy sweater or cardi like yours. Even though its summer here.

Studded Hearts

Tariro said...

I almost bought a purple on like that! But then i decided not to :(

Ellevictoire said...

love the furryness. which reminds me that i have to go to H&M like NOW! ahh sales sales sales :)

the gorgeous said...

It seems amazing.. wanna see it!!

renatah said...

it's actually bloody fantastic! you look like a rockstar going to an afterparty!
love it to bits

Francheska said...

that´s a dress???? no way! it looks so amazing! full length shot soon please :)
Where in Asia will you be? I´m going to Thailand.


delina. said...

great dress! love your outfits! great lace tees also deat x

Sophie said...

your hair looks so nice :)
and i was just wondering
who takes yoru pictures? and what camera do you use?
its just that theyre always just right :D

La petite mariah said...

I loooove this picture!

Un café avec 5 pailles said...

I hesitated daring to buy that dress...but I'm pretty sure it looks amazing on you so, well done !
cheers from Paris

Marian said...

lovely!gorge photo

omfg-vivian said...

you've been blessed with amazing features :) lovely photo! xx

loft in soho said...

OMG! I LOVE this shot!!!!!!!!!!


5thandsweet said...

You do look smashing! Love the fringe hahah.. Go fringes! =)

I just got one not long ago!

Loce the dress to hun


Vinda Sonata said...

Natalie, you look good in that fur dress and boots.
...and it's so interesting knowing that you and Dylana are sisters. you two are very gorgeous with great fashion sense! :)

The Bambina said...

Great coat! Love.

sam ezra. said...

whereabouts in asia will you be going to? hope you enjoy it!


CMA said...

totally gorgeous
love it darling
fabulous blog as always, keep it up
thanks for sharing


Courtney O. said...

you are always so stunning. and lucky you, meeting anna bu! i love her.

fadetoblack said...

thanks for the tip Ill check out her blog now :)


Isabel said...

You are freakin' gorgeous.

Taylor Sterling said... are so pretty! Is your hair wavy or straight naturally? I love it.

soph (owl vs. dove) said...

Love it! Can't believe we have to wait till next Halloween for the gorilla costume, haha.


elk said...

jealous you met anna bu!

JL said...

I just found your blog and beeing a photographer I would love to work with you!

Mary Jane said...

that picture is gorgeous! i love your hair :)

Dylana said...

You look like the supermodel that you are! Love that dress! Aren't you glad I pointed it out for you! I knew you could pull it off!

JadoreVogue ♥ said...

That dress is so cute, looks good on you!

Rieke said...

just love your hair!

Lore. said...

beautiful picture

O'Style said...

Hey beutiful you look so wonderful in the lookbook, I loved and I also saw the making off!

By the way you are very similar to another blogger from Los Angeles. She looks pretty much like you. Maybe she is your relative.

mwwas beautiful girrrl!

superniko. said...

^_^ can't wait to see how the dress looks like..
&& i always support and love H&M's product ;]]]]


Nana said...

that dress looks incredible
gorgeous dear<3

Nathalie said...

Are you going to go to Asia? Really!? WOW! That sounds cool!
Nice dress!

Cate said...

love the outfit

heroine temptation said...

really beautiful picture
you look so shiny
xo xo natalia

Dejana • said...

you're so photogenic. Love your blog, I'm so following!

Rachel said...

I rather like the dress.. and Asia? how exciting =]

Eline said...

Thank you for your lovely comment! Great blog, great style. I make sure I'll follow you!

raita 2 said...

Love your blog natalie! :)

Sophie said...

in reply:
youre lucky you have the sister bond, i have a ten year old brother and him with a camera has to break several health and saftey regulations.

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

love the fuzz ;)

Sarah Mendelsohn said...

Such a cute picture, you're gorgeous

being fashion is... said...

great outfit..


Taryn said...

Looks positively cozy and fantastic :) gotta love H&M

Teenage (ariel) Dirtbag said...

superb photo!

Delmy said...

Love your Fuzzy dress! Looks so warm!

ANN said...

I love H&M! That dress looks so comfy & warm :)

V said...

love south coast plaza! I got there every chance I get to go to LA.

JT said...

Ahhh! Been wanting that dress forever- looks dope on you!!!

I missed the party last saturday..i didnt want to get ready because of the rain!!! ugh! Glad you had fun!!!
maybe next time!

btw, love your haaaaaaaaaiiiir and style, its perfection!



liana said...

it's gorgeous as well as practical :)

Valencia Lia said...

that is such a gorgeous dress girl !! I love that its so furry looks really cozy too:)

So awesome you got to meet up with Anna Bu,she's so beautiful.

Nina said...

I love this close up of you-gorgeous!! Thanks for stopping by & leaving a comment, u're one of my Babes, I love your blog! Xo

Emilie said...

You look stunning!
Love that pic!

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